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News Feed on Discord
over 2 years ago

You can now have all the latest news feed of the forum inside discord! The topic will be posted in the forum channel of our discord server automatically.

New Forum
over 2 years ago

Hello all,

The new forum and website is now live!

Check them out for various tweaks like the player leaderboard and new forum theme.

District Update (Prison Feature in /worker and more!)
over 2 years ago

A new update towards all districts and particularly worker has been rolled in today.
  • Now, at each normal rank upgrades (Beggar -> Worker -> etc...) you get one plot from their respective district world (/beggar -> /worker -> etc...)
  • The /worker district is now updated with plots at 100 chips each that you can mine in (like a prison type of gameplay). You can delete and reclaim to restart the plot's content. Works with jobs and the content has various blocks from stone to gold ores!
  • Worker plots can't be used to build anymore (unless you build inside the mine?...).
over 2 years ago
Hello all,

Because of COVID-19, everything which needed development was focused on instead of doing a full ad campain. Thus, the server will delay it in the last days of may / start of june to focus on the completion of development and bug fixes.

What has been added during the time:
  • Raid Bosses
  • Quests / Major Quests
  • Casino
  • Town Plots (towny) and District Plots (plot world) full compatibility.
  • Better Tutorial area.
What is being focused on until june.
  • The logo of the server which is under work.
  • Bosses and Quests entities.
  • Events.
  • Lore and Rules.
  • Bug fixes.
If yo...
Towns and Nations
over 2 years ago
Towns and Nations have been added to the server.

Create a town, recruit players as your residents and create a nation to be the boss of all towns!
  • Join a player made town after completing the tutorial.
  • Create a town at rank Landlord.
  • Create a nation at rank CEO.

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